Warsaw: European Cultural Commons: one day strategy event


12 October 2011 - Europeana events

As part of the Polish EU Presidency, Europeana and the National Library of Poland are running a high- level conference to debate the strategic framework for a European Cultural Commons - a significant action line in the Digital Agenda for Europe 2020.

The event will bring experts in the sector, including digital entrepreneurs and content aggregators, together with national and European policy strategists and political advisors.

The aim is to agree a common vision for a European Cultural Commons that will effectively deliver the diversity of digitised cultural content in ways that satisfy the full range of user needs and expectations. Key outcomes will be the identification of the delivery barriers and an agreed strategy to overcome them.

During the morning sessions keynote speakers will share their insights on the essence and governance of the Commons, legal issues and user perspectives. Different types of aggregators will elaborate on how they see their position in a European Cultural Commons, their target users and their relationships with other providers in the cultural space. A moderated panel discussion will examine portals' successful content-delivery strategies.

Workshops in the afternoon will explore the various barriers to the Cultural Commons in terms of data access, competences and funding. The result of the workshops will be draft recommendations for the development of an operational European Cultural Commons, as the basis for discussion with national governments, the European Parliament and the Commission.

The event is free and travel costs will be reimbursed according to Europeana v2.0 travel rules. Register now at http://europeanculturalcommons.eventbrite.com