DC-NET Final Conference, Roma 8 March 2012

From this page, it's is prossible to download all materials produced in the occasion of the DC-NET Internation Final Conference, held in Rome the 8 March 2012, at the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Sala Convegni Santa Marta.

Information on the Conference

Programme (.zip , 3799kb)

 Speaker Title Slides Video
Wim JansenEuropean Commission activities on e-Infrastructures: current status and vision towards Horizon 2020 .pdf, 1600kb.flv, 76MB
Rene Belsoe-Infrastructure trends and strategies .pdf, 3424kb .flv, 40MB
Annette KellyHow the Cultural sector can benefit of the results of DC-NET .pdf, 580kb .flv, 68MB
Piero AttanasioDigital rights and digital culture in the scenario of the new European directives .pdf, 59kb .flv, 102MB
Antonella FresaThe structure of the DC-NET project .pdf, 496kb .flv, 55MB
Raivo RuusaleppStudy on preservation .pdf, 1779kb .flv, 71MB
Maristella AgostiThe role of research for the development of the digital cultural heritage .pdf, 4727kb .flv, 69MB