Here you may find the publications edited by DC-NET.

Digital Preservation Services: State of the Art Analysis, by Raivo Ruusalepp and Milena Dobreva (PDF, 2643 kb)

This report presents an overview of the state of the art in service provision for digital preservation and curation. Its focus is on the areas where bridging the gaps is needed between e-Infrastructures and efficient and forward-looking digital preservation services. Based on a desktop study and a rapid analysis of some 190 currently available tools and services for digital preservation, the deliverable provides a high-level view on the range of instruments currently on offer to support various functions within a preservation system.

 DC-NET Service Priorities and Best Practices for Digital Cultural Heritage: cover

DC-NET Service priorities and best practices for digital cultural heritage (PDF, 7516 kb)

This document, edited by DC-NET WP3 in the month of February 2012, intends to give an overview of Service Priorities and Best Priorities and Best Practices for Digital Cultural Heritage. It is targeted to institutions from the cultural heritage domain invlolved in the creation and use of online data resources for DCH that could benefit from e-Infrastructures as well as to e-Infrastructures service providers, which can learn more about cultural institutions needs in order to offer more empowered services.


DC-NET Booklet - Cover

DC-NET booklet (.zip, 1570 kb)

Sinthetic publication, published in the month of October 2011, illustrating the DC_NET project structure and the Network of common interest. Several chapters are dedicated to e-Infrastructure Awareness, New services and best practices, Technical Validation, the Position paper signed by DC-NET and Linked Heritage. The last part of the booklet illustrates in short national activities in the filed of digitisation in the DC-NET partner countries.