This section includes some information produced in the framework of DC-NET project.

  • e-Infrastructure Handbook (PDF, 717 kb)

The e-Infrastructures landscape can be very complex seen from the perspective of a digital cultural heritage organisation. It is often not clear if existing e-Infrastructures can be used by DCH organisations, which services they deliver. It is also clear that many DCH organisations only know the NREN in their country but are unaware of other e-infrastructures. Hence the task in this project to make an e-Infrastructure Handbook that gives as good as possible an overview of the existing e-Infrastructures in the DC-NET partner countries and the modalities and cost for use of these infrastructures. 

  • Internet Basic (PDF, 1859 kb)

This tutorial gives basic information on Internet: How does it run? Which are the differences between Internet and the Web? What is an IP address? What is a router?

  • e-infrastructure glossary (PDF, 2206kb)
This tutorial sxplains the most used terms connected to e-infrastructures: what is e-infrastructures and what are their components: network, computing, middleware, data.