Documents and deliverables

These is the list of documents and public deliverables produced during the project.

Documents produced in the framework of DC-NET

  • Budapest Conclusions (PDF , 17 kb)
  • EC Open Consultation about the Green Paper on a Common Strategic Framework for Future Research and Innovation Funding: position paper by DC-NET and Linked Heritage (PDF, 293 kb)
  • Position Paper of DC‐NET and Linked Heritage Partners: leaflet (PDF, 174 kb)


  • D1.1 Working Group Terms of Reference (Restricted)
This document describes the mode of operation of the DC-NET Network of Common Interest, which combines networking at international and national levels. The terms of reference outline a combination of bottom-up and top-down approaches to the creation and management of the network. A central element of the network of common interest is the working groups which exist in each country (sometimes several in one country) and which provide expertise, experience and information to the DC-NET project.
  • D1.2 Progress towards recruiting other countries (Restricted)
It outlines the strategy and process for the enlargement of the DC-NET ERA-NET beyond the initial consortium, and also tracks progress towards this objective over time.
  • D2.1 National Memorandum of understanding (Restricted)
The need for a MoU between the digital cultural heritage sector and the e-Infrastructures has been identified during the definition of the DC-NET project. This need has been reinforced during the response gathering to the questionnaires sent to the national e-infrastructures and international e-Infrastructures alike. This need has its source in the relative underestimation of the ICT needs of the digital cultural heritage sector by the e-Infrastructures and by the lack of knowledge of the different e-Infrastructure services by the digital cultural sector. The national MoU will be explored and agreed upon within each partner state and will govern access of the digital cultural heritage organisations to the national e-Infrastructures. More in particular the two signatories of the MoU will cooperate, draft a list of the existing problems and try to solve these problems. This MoU will also guarantee a continuous follow up of the needs of the digital cultural heritage sector and the services offered by the e-Infrastructures in order to enable new services and initiatives in the digital cultural heritage world at national and international level.
  • D2.2 e-Infrastructure Handbook (PDF, 717 kb)
The e-Infrastructures landscape can be very complex seen from the perspective of a digital cultural heritage organisation. It is often not clear if existing e-Infrastructures can be used by DCH organisations, which services they deliver. It is also clear that many DCH organisations only know the NREN in their country but are unaware of other e-infrastructures. Hence the task in this project to make an e-Infrastructure Handbook that gives as good as possible an overview of the existing e-Infrastructures in the DC-NET partner countries and the modalities and cost for use of these infrastructures.
  • D2.3 International Memorandum of understanding (Restricted)
While the national MoU is focussed on the eginning of the collaboration between national e-Infrastructures and national DCH organisations, the nternational MoU, by definition, aims to ensure that international e-Infrastructures can contribute to the fulfilment of those DCH requirements that have an international character and that complement the equirements met by the national MoUs.
  • D2.4 Concertation Seminar's proceedings (Restricted)
The DC-NET Concertation Seminar was held in Tallinn on 13 and 14 January 2011. It represented a significant step ahead in the process of achieving a common understanding among ministries of culture, NRENs and other organisations responsible for e-Infrastructures and digital cultural heritage in the EUmember states. This summary report provides an overview of the discussions held during the seminar, the conclusions reached and the roadmap for the next steps.
  • D3.1 Digital Cultural Heritage Services Priorities Report (Restricted)
This document presents deliverable D3.1 "Digital Cultural Heritage Services Priorities Report" of the DC-NET project. It represents an important intermediate step between the initial engagement and investigation work of DC-NET work-packages WP1 (Network of Common Interest) and WP2 (e-Infrastructures Awareness),  and the validation (WP4, Technical Validation) and agreement of joint research activities plans (WP6 Joint Activities Plan) which complete the project.
  • D4.1 Validation Report (Restricted)
This deliverable provides information on the technical and policy validation of the prioritised list of future services reported upon in D3.1. In order for the prioritised services to be included in the DC-NET Joint Activities Plan (D6.1), it was necessary to validate them from the technical and policy perspectives.
  • D5.1 Dissemination Plan (PDF, 248 kb)
This Dissemination Plan gives an overview of the dissemination strategy, activities and materials the DC-NET project intends to use in order to distribute its results as widely as possible. The 4 main target groups of the knowledge of the DC-NET project results are (1) the Member States, specifically the ministries and agencies responsible for cultural policies and/or research policies, (2) the cultural heritage research community, (3) the e-Infrastructure providers and (4) national research and competence centres in the areas of cultural heritage and of e-Infrastructures. The Dissemination Plan defines the different messages to be adressed to each of these target groups, the means used to this end, and the expected outcome of those activities.
  • D5.2 Website & Download Area (PDF, 345 kb)
The deliverable describes the structure developed for the project website, the implementation work which already has taken place, the content already integrated and the consortiums plans for further development of the website.
  • D5.3 Dissemination material (PDF, 454 kb)
The deliverable is intended to present the dissemination material delivered by the project until he time of delivery of the present document and to present the plans for the next material.
  • D5.4 Final dissemination report (PDF, 1193kb)

    The purpose of this document is to report on the DC‐NET project’s dissemination activities
    based on the dissemination strategy defined at the beginning of the project. That strategy was
    described in deliverable D5.1. This report shows the execution of that plan.

  • D6.1 Joint Activities Plan (Restricted)

    This document presents the Joint Activities Plan (JAP) which is the key output of the DC‐NET ERA‐NET project.

  • D6.2 Report about initial implementation of joint activities (PDF, 1347kb)

    This deliverable provides the state of advancement of the implementation of the Joint Activities Plan, as described in D6.1 "Joint Activities Plan", at the end of the DC-NET project.

  • D7.1 Quarterly Reports
  • D7.2 Interim Report
  • D7.3 Final Report