Brussels: DC-NET Seminar


27 January 2012 - DC-NET seminars


14:00 Case Study 1: the Archipel project, a network-centric approach to sustainable digital archives, Dries Moreels (BAM, Flemish Institute for Visual, Audiovisual and Media Art)

14:30 Case Study 2: the Harmonisation of metadata, Lucie Verachten (State Archives of Belgium)

15:00 Case Study 3: the PEPs Plan (Preservation and Exploitation of the Cultural Heritage) and its state of implementation, Evelyne Lentzen (General Delegate for the Digitization of the Cultural Heritage of the French Community of Belgium)

15:30 Visit to the digitisation platform of the State Archives of Belgium, Lucie Verachten

16:00 Conclusions, Jean Moulin

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