Budapest: E-infrastructure basics for cultural institutions and the best use cases


17 November 2011 - DC-NET seminars

National Széchényi Library

10:00  - 15:00


Welcome (by the workshop organiser)

Objectives of the workshop (by the workshop organiser):

This aim is to give the basic notions about e-infrastructures, what they are and how they work. We will show interactively how they can be used by the heritage community through the practice of public collections users and the Hungarian NREN NIIFI.

First Block

Question:  What is e-Infrastructure (NREN)?

Answer by NIIFI: e-Infrastructure is the term used to indicate a set of computing resources, storage and application tools interconnected by high bandwidth networks.

Elements of e-Infrastructure - Large amount of data generation and storage; middleware, cloud technology, virtual research communities

Feedback from DCH: pros and cons of own infrastructure.

Second block

Question:  What are the services DCH uses?

Answer: Results of our survey.

Feedback from NIIFI and DCH: Comments and information on new cooperation, exchange of views and problems

Third block

Question:  What are the current and planned projects where use of e-Infrastructure would be feasible?

Answer by DCH:  overview of current and planned projects, exchange of views and problems.

Feedback from NIIFI: how to enhance trust and provide tailored services. 

Fourth Block

Question: What measures are needed to extend cooperation?

Answer by DCH: prerequisites of trust, tailored services, low prices and fees

Feedback of NIIFI 


The planned number of participants is 50 experts of DCH and 5 specialists from NIIFI