Noordwijk aan Zee: e-InfraNet Open Workshop

The Netherlands

27-28 October 2011 - Workshops

As part of the  e-InfraNet project's information exchange function workshops are organised to identify and capture good practice and to provide recommendations for further analysis and acitivities. 

e-InfraNet is holding a workshop adressing the topic of Open on the 27th and 28th of October. The broad objective of this workshop is to stimulate a lively and engaging debate around the benefits and challenges that the concept of Open Research and higher educaiton in it's broadest sense  (encompassing Open Access, data, source, borders) poses for the communities involved. The workshop will address questions such as 

  • Why is it of  benefit to the research and higher education communities to adopt a more 'Open approach' in research and education ?
  • What are the implications (e.g political, organizational, legal) of a more open approach for a (sustainable) e-Infrastructure ?
  • How can academics from different disciplinary backgrounds learn from each other in developing a coherent vision for (the progress of) the Open agenda ?

The programme which is currently being finalised, will have contributions from researchers and practitioners working on varous aspects of the subject.

For further information:

e-InfraNet website