Amman: Integrating Arab e-Infrastructure in a Global Environment


12-14 December 2011 - Conferences

E-AGE 2011 bannerIntegrating Arab e-Infrastructure in a Global Environment, organized by the Arab States Research and Education Network, EUMEDGrid Support, EUMEDCONNECT, and INTERNET2, will be held in Amman - Jordan during 12-14 December, 2011. 

e-AGE 2011 is meant to be the launching pad for R&E connectivity and cooperation.  It will bring together the ASREN, EUMED, GEANT, and INTERNET 2 stakeholders and region's foremost innovators, leaders, scientists, and businesses to discuss and debate new models of innovation, integration of R&E networks, policies for sustainable development in education, means of knowledge sharing and dissemination, capacity building programs, and region-wide e- infrastructure deployment to tackle today's crises in climate change, global economy, food and water scarcity, alternative energy, and threatening environmental issues. 

e-AGE 2011 is meant to lay the foundation for a dream of many of today's leaders towards a global e-infrastructure for R&E based on real life broad inclusiveness beyond any political protocols.


Live streaming: 

The 13th December Antonella Fresa will make the presentation Towards a Digital Cultural Heritage e- Infrastructure”  [.pdf, 519kb]